We used to fish for fish. Now the phish phish for us.

They just keep coming. Innovative phishing scams, appearing to come from a legitimate email address, sometimes from our own domain, asking for us to update our account or login to fix or confirm something right away...or your account will be terminated.

This is social engineering at its best. It's like the snake oil salesmen of old. Wiley miscreants who charm us to act...buy something or, in this era, give something up. Your username and password! This is how they steal your identity. Once they get a little about you, they can find ways to get more.

Never ever ever respond to emails that ask you to give up information about your accounts, usernames, passwords or other personal information. If a legitimate organization wants your attention, they would never ask in an email. If in doubt, ask. DON'T ACT.

There is a sucker born every minute. All these scams need is one in a million to make it worth their while. Don't let it be you.

3 thoughts on “We used to fish for fish. Now the phish phish for us.

  1. what if i went to the home page of plymouth, and it told me that i had to change my password? so i made a new one.. i didnt know why but i couldnt log into my email without changing it, and i have had the same one for 4 years

  2. what if i went the plymouth homepage my plymouth, and it said type in a new password, so i made a new one.. i was unable to log into anything on myplymouth without changing my password, even thought i have had that password for 4 years

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