myPlymouth Sings

myPlymouth just received a major upgrade. This is no ordinary web portal folks. This is the best!

I'm not blowing smoke. A web portal is an interface to lots of disparate information systems. Email, news, events, calendars, weather, online services, library, information, course management and more. A good portal has 'hooks' to lots of information, all behind a secure, single sign-on gateway. It is built for you, to customize and arrange as you see fit.

I took my new 'home' tab and customized it. I have the directory search and all my bookmarks on the left pane. Down the middle are the PSU announcements, weather (PSU's own!) and any recent activity from groups I belong to. And on the right, I have the headlines coming in from the New York Times, Christian Science monitor and the PSU's CIO blog. This is the stuff of Google and Yahoo.

We have a lot of people in ITS responsible for myPlymouth. They worked with the software vendor to deliver a state-of-the-art web portal for a university. Few others schools have such a well-integrated web portal. Fewer still are the envy of others. Our people have the distinct honor of having earned the highest of praise from their peers and counterparts at schools across the country. They took the vendor-supplied tool and made it sing.

We are proud of the many people in ITS who continue to serve you amidst an ever-changing, ever-upgrading sea of technology. Those who brought us myPlymouth continue a PSU tradition of innovation and rabid quest for doing things better.