A changing PSU Web page...

The PSU Web pages will undergo a subtle but steady transition over the next year. Why? The Web is changing all around us, driven by how young people use it. And they are who we target.

It’s tough business putting a university web page together. Georgina Hibberd wrote about University Home pages, a thankless task.

We first made the web for fun. It was a novel experience to be able to write and publish pages to the World Wide Web. We used hypertext code to make pages come alive. Then every school had to have a Web page. IT shops handed over their early Web pages to PR, professionals who could manage the image. The web became an essential marketing tool.

In the past few years, nothing has changed information and the Web like Google. They are literally transforming the Web to place information and resources at one’s fingertips. Additionally, more and more people are networking socially on the web. Services like mySpace, FaceBook and others are magnets for today’s youth.

I could go on. But the real evidence lives in my house. Two teenage girls who spend more time online than in front of the TV. They navigate and engage online with those they know from school. It’s their world, it’s how they communicate.

So as we roll out new versions of the web pages, the first thing to understand is that this is not for you…it’s for them.; tomorrow’s prospective students.

How we maintain the content on the Web will also change. Many of us will use new tools to write, submit and maintain content of web pages. If you want to keep your pages lively and current, you have all the power to do so. Conversely, if you have pages that are no longer current, they can be timed out until your information is current. It’s called a content management system.

Insiders have myPlymouth. If you haven’t noticed lately, take a look. Have you customized your page? Do you know some of the information channels available besides just the defaults? Have you seen the new student polling area?

Bah, you say? Don’t see the use for myPlymouth?

Think again. When we place announcements on myPlymouth, student responses are extraordinary. If we conduct a survey, we get data. myPlymouth has eyeballs of students.